WIA2023 Judges’ Highlights from the New Talent Shortlist

Read on for some judges’ highlights from the WIA2023 New Talent Shortlist, alongside their thoughts on what made these particular projects stand out!

Weston Wei: After the Applause. Shortlisted in the New Talent Site Specific Category

“In terms of fulfilling the brief I think this is the most successful. Illustrations work very well in conveying the atmosphere and intent. The simplicity of execution and limited colour palette create strong imagery. The textures used are simple and very effective at large scale. They are well suited to the environment for which they are intended”

Fiona Barlow, founder, Anonymous

Chiara Xie: Climate Impact on the Indigenous Community, shortlisted in the New Talent Editorial Category, sponsored by Procreate

“A clever use of silhouette and negative space elevates this from a scenic illustration into a narrative image. The strong use of colour adds a layer of emotion that furthers the communication of the illustration”

Sam Whitney, Editorial Art Director, The New York Times

Sunnu Rebecca Choi
How to help a partner living with depression, shortlisted in the New Talent Editorial Category, sponsored by Procreate

“The depth — both literal in that created by the linework here; and figurative in the concept — stops me in my tracks. So smart, so sensitive, so well executed”

Tim Ball, Art Director, Politico Europe

Ursula Yang: Pet insurance shortlisted in the New Talent Advertising Category

“I loved this image because it has a really effective communication at the heart of the image. It conjures emotions connected with protection – which is at the core of the pet insurance that it is advertising. I loved the contrast in colours between the gloomy sky and the colourful heart of the triangle – communicating the care and nurture that the character has for the dogs in their care”

Emma Houlston, Creative Director, VCCP

Billy Partridge
Cover for ‘The Jabberwocky’, a picture book, shortlisted for the New Talent Book Covers Category, sponsored by London Book Fair

“This project has a [really] strong composition and colour scheme. The two pairs of eyes that stare at you, big and small, play together beautifully and create tension. The frontal and sideways movement of the figures form a nice contrast and [and create] a playful whole with the hand lettering typography”

Marlies Visser, Creative Director, Illustration Embassy

Kateryna Savchuk:
My 2022 from the shelter, Shortlisted for the New Talent Editorial Category, sponsored by Procreate

“I love the unique artistic expression and storytelling with this series of images. The powerful emotions the artist is conveying is captured well with the dark backgrounds and delicate white line work. Also, I love how a flower and a peak of sky also speak to the depth of such moments and the presence of hope”

Angelica McKinley, Creative Director at Disney

Tatum Lorway: Nineteen Minutes shortlisted in the New Talent Publishing Category, sponsored by Rebelle

“I love the complexity of the style and composition, well-crafted light and shadow, it shows the feeling and type of reading we are going to have from the book”

Nakabachi Issao, Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Art Director

Wendy Li: Take Me Somewhere, Shortlisted in the New Talent Design, Product and Packaging Category

“Printing with RISO plays in favor and helps communication by generating an interesting proposal. Each poster functions as a small, evocative and isometric world. The handwritten typography, color limitation and composition of each poster are very cool”

Javier La Casta, Founder and Designer at Trampolín Design

Nate Sweitzer: Catcher in the Rye Shortlisted in the New Talent Publishing Category, sponsored by Rebelle

“The confession of a maladjusted teenager, hesitating between deception and detachment, a Holden offering himself to the onlookers, dressed in the Renaissance anatomy draining down to the boots of the moment through the vanishing stripes of his trousers. From minimalist characters to the power of the light on the shoulders of the young man who has sailed through centuries of painting to take refuge in the collage”

Dana Moroiu, Editorial Director, Baroque Books & Arts Publishing House

Col McElwaine
To the lighthouse, Shortlisted for New Talent Book Covers Category, sponsored by London Book Fair

“The mixing of textures, the concept and the colour palette, make this to me an emblematic and unforgettable cover, this could be an amazing poster for a play too”.

Jefferson Quintana Cabrera, Art Director / Graphic Designer / Artist / Illustrator and Piñata Maker, currently Art Director & Designer at Tra Publishing