Kateryna Savchuk
My 2022 from the shelter

Series of Illustrations about my experience living in a country during a war time


Un-commissioned | New Talent

How were your illustrations used? :
Advertisement (online), Exhibition or installation, Magazine or newspaper inside or spot illustration/s, Print/poster or postcard, Social Media Campaign

How did you make this work:
Creating this series of illustrations was my way of coping with the brutal reality that invaded my country, my home, my life. The creation of these illustrations allowed me to contain my feelings and emotions, to work with them, to keep myself in the most shocking and painful events that happened during this year of war... each illustration was created as a reaction to certain events.

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Kateryna is an artist and illustrator from Ukraine, Kyiv. She specializes in painting and drawing abstract works, figurative, working with shapes, and making collages, but she loves to experiment with different mediums. She has a passion for art that helps people feel connected to themselves and their surroundings.