Sunnu Rebecca Choi
How to help a partner living with depression


Un-commissioned | New Talent

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Magazine or newspaper inside or spot illustration/s, Self Promotion/portfolio

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The illustration is created to respond to an article, 'How to Help a Partner Living With Depression.' Millions of people are in relationships with partners who are prone to depression. Romantic partners can affect each other's health. Learning more about what it is and how it affects people would help you emotionally protect yourself and respond to your partner more empathetically.

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United Kingdom (UK)

Sunnu Rebecca Choi is a Korean Canadian Illustrator based in London. She worked as a fashion designer for years before changing her career to illustrator. She studied MA in illustration at Kingston University. She is passionate about editorial illustration and picturebook for both children and adults; her work is often inspired by various issues, moments, thoughts and emotions people encounter.