The Empty Space – review

A meditation on loss and the space left behind when someone (in this case, the character’s cat) is no longer around, from Marianna Sztyma

Jacky Winter on Representation

In this industry insight we talked to Jeremy Wortsman of Jacky Winter about the Australian illustration scene, working globally, geographical trends and the secret to a long career, “Everyone needs to spin a lot of different plates to survive!”

Illustrator of the Month

From ‘Down Under’, AOI member Andrea Innocent lives and works as part of the Illustration scene in Melbourne. She describes her travelling years in Japan and how its historical art style influenced her own practice, plus the journey to finding satisfaction and grounding in teaching and leading workshops in Australia.

One House For All – review

A Latvian story of three friends, a horse, a raven and a crayfish setting up home together – a charming tale about friendship and compromise.

Is Social Media Really That Important For An Illustrator?

10 years ago, the way we communicate and promote ourselves online changed dramatically with the arrival of social media platforms. Love it or hate it, these have now become an almost integral part of our daily professional routine. But how beneficial is it really for Illustrators? AOI Member Matthew Griffin shares his thoughts on the matter.

Wild World – review

Illustration duo Hvass&Hannibal are paired with Angela McAllister’s poems, with the most succcessful images able to enter completely into an imagined space.

Lis Ribbans has recently taken the helm as Director of Policy and Public Affairs at the ‘invaluable’ British Copyright Council (BCC), of which AOI is a member – and we talk to her about her role, what the BCC has on its plate and how the AOI can play its part.

The Last Wolf – review

Mini Grey has taken on Little Red Riding Hood, absorbed the story and repurposed the plot so it is more relevant for our present troubling times.

Ancient Warriors – review

War is hugely significant within the history of our species and this book communicates this without glamorising the blood, guts and gore. The illustrations have a depth and energy, giving an insight into the era and environment described by the succinct text.

What should be considered in new UK trade agreements

With the UK seeking new trade agreements as the country withdraws from the EU, there are considerations which creator organisations want to ensure Government take notice of, including that copyright should not be used for bargaining on trade agreements.

1 week left to enter the Poster Prize for Illustration

Impress the jury with your illustrated interpretation of a London story and be in with a chance of having your work displayed at the famous London Transport Museum and winning the top prize. Deadline for submissions 16 July

Varoom 37: More Love Letters

For Varoom’s Love issue we asked six industry professionals to write a love letter to an image-maker and image they fell in love with. In an extract Benjamin Castro, from Adidas Originals and Renee Lam, Art Director, 72 and Sunny reveal whose work they have fallen for.

The Extraordinary Gardener – review

Wishing to escape his drab normality, Joe plants a seed… The Extraordinary Gardener is a enjoyable dip into the wonders of imagination, hope and the natural world. There is much to enjoy about an adventure in these leaves.

Illustrator of the Month

We talk to Animation Director and Illustrator Stevie Gee about his success in Design, Advertising and Music, as well as a variety of weird and wonderful products. Also highlight his triumphant win(s) at the World Illustration Awards.