Treasure Hunt – book review

This book encourages movement and engagement: it is task based and has a sense of accomplishment, and it does it all so charmingly too. This is not a thirty two page book for keeping on the shelf, it is 25 mini portable treasure hunts.

Paul Bowman

Former AOI Board Director, illustrator and educator Paul Bowman has sadly died. We reproduce his challenge to illustrators from Varoom 08 as a background to his recent Manifesto: EDUCATE, AGITATE, ORGANISE.

Illumanatomy – book review

Stunning 3D insights to the human anatomy by Milan based duo Carnovosky. Reminiscent of 18th century medieval drawings, they could actually be archival.

The Captain’s Alphabet – book review

An alphabet themed book whose spreads have an illustration on one side, and a nautical description for the letter on the other – humorous nonsense, facts and personal musings from the illustrator.

Lucinda Rogers: On Gentrification

Lucinda Rogers talks about her exhibition at the House of Illustration which presents a strong, effective record of one of London’s communal spaces which are increasingly under threat from gentrification – Ridley Road Market.

The Book of Black – review

The artwork presented in The Book of Black are drawn out of darkness, where light is used to reveal elements of an existing, albeit hidden, design; its qualities are exploited but always with great caution.

Pierre The Maze Detective – book review

This is a picture and activity book combined. The aim is to navigate your way to the top of the Empire Maze Tower before the dastardly Mr X can steal the Magical Maze Cube. Those who are easily frustrated with puzzles should take a deep breath before starting!

Varoom 36: Cool, Stylish and Funny!

The work of French illustrator, Jean-Philippe Delhomme explores the worlds of fashion and culture with visual wit and elegance. He’s profiled in Varoom Rhythm issue.

My Collection of Collections – book review

Fun is what this My Collection of Collections is all about, and there is enough variation within to occupy even the most distracted of children. The book showcases Chakrabarti’s strong personal illustrated graphic language.

Have You Seen My Giraffe? – book review

Where would you keep a giraffe? Well, they don’t give away goldfish at the fair any more; they give away giraffes (of course!). This wonderfully silly premise is full of funny ideas right from the start.

Opportunity: Varoom Editor

AOI is seeking a new editor to take Varoom forward from issue 38. Deadline for applications 3 November.

Varoom 36: Career Rhythms

How do illustrators deal with the varied rhythms of a career? The latest issue of Varoom explores these ups and downs with AOI member illustrators and an agent.

ABC for Adults

For this 70’s style ABC book Toby Leigh wanted to create his own version, painted in the familiar innocent style, but with the childlike words – Apple, Dog, Queen etc. twisted into sinister adult themes.

Nu Dang and His Kite – book review

Ayer’s picture books set out to give a form to her countless pen and ink drawings made travelling along the canals, in and around the markets, workshops and streets of Bangkok.

Migrations project

Three hundred illustrations of birds are floating silently in the air. Three hundred postcards, each sent from very different parts of the world, simply by attaching a stamp. Each postcard has a written message in response to the theme of ‘Migration’.

The Paper-Flower Tree – book review

Unusually direct gazes at the reader from the characters on the opening spread introduce the story of Miss Moon, a girl from a countryside village whose inhabitants are depicted making their living in the surrounding rice fields.

Summer with Monika – book review

Chris Riddell, with his customary deftness, forms a synchronicity with McGough’s poem text, joining the experience of close physical passion with the whirling, fleeting thoughts which accompany the sensations of love

WIA2017 exhibition at Somerset House

The World Illustration Awards 2017 were showcased at Somerset House from 31 July – 28 August 2017, marking the 41st year of the Association of Illustrators’ annual juried illustration awards.