Varoom Activism: Manifesto for Illustrators

Paul Bowman’s ‘Educate Agitate Abdicate’ manifesto is a call to arms for illustrators. ‘Commercial work can exist beside work that exposes injustice, questions our lives, and helps understanding.’

An Illustrated History Of Filmmaking – review

Written and illustrated by Adam Allsuch Boardman Published by Nobrow ISBN 978-1-910620-56-4 Reviewed by Karl Andy Foster If you want to know how film came into being and the medium’s..

Varoom 38: It’s Got To Be Real

Stuart Lang weighs up the potential for success and failure when brands support social movements – an excert from Varoom 38 – Activism

Night Windows – review

Venema’s illustrations are engaging and enjoyable in this story starting with a young boy feeling overwhelmed and alienated by life in a strange new city. But after observing his neighbours things change.

Maps of the United Kingdom – review

A comprehensive overview of the people, events and idiosyncrasies that give this land its identity. Illustrator Livi Gosling tells us about the project (and her favourite county).

O is for old school – review

A life without books is Wack! An A-Z book that is playful and inter-generational in its outlook, with great images and a lexicon derived from one of the world’s most vibrant popular cultures.

Varoom 38: Joseph Kai comic artist

Comic maker Joseph Kai is part of the Varoom 38 (Activism) feature on the new wave of Arab Comics, and here he talks to Paul Gravett about the group, the role of comics in Lebanese culture and issues for freelance artists in the country

Born Bad – review

“Wolf wasn’t happy being Wolf,” so what happens when he tries to change? This is Stephen Smith’s first picture book, utilising his bold cut-up style, and we learn about his process for creating the images.

Helen Oxenbury: A Life in Illustration

Helen’s life and career are effectively covered, and it’s a delight to be reminded of the work created over such an impressive career by one of the UK’s foremost children’s book creators.

Tossary of Terms – review

Tossary of Terms is a series of words or terms which describe the modern condition with an accompanying illustration. For example, ‘data barnacle’ is defined as a ‘Café customer who leeches four hours’ worth of free WIFI in exchange for shelling out two quid on a cup of fruit tea’.

AOI signatory to DACS trade agreement letter to PM

DACS has written to the Prime Minister on the negative impact of signing the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) on the UK’s creative economy. AOI along with Association of Photographers and the Society of Authors are signatories.

Inktober 2018 – A Round Up

October is nearly coming to an end, and with it Inktober 2018. Today, on Halloween, we bid farewell to the challenge and gather 10 Illustrators whose creations have captivated us throughout the whole month. Check them out!

Campaigning – CPTPP trade agreement would impact creators

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, one of our major trading partners, Government is considering signing up to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). We have significant concerns over the CPTPP, especially where it relates to copyright.

AOI X Cachetejack

We’ve tasked the dynamic Cachetejack duo to bring a kick of colour to our new AOI leaflets. Have a glimpse at their excellent illustrations inside.

Barbosa – review

From the 1920’s until his eighties, Barbosa created a wealth of illustrations. Many are collected here in an intriguing biography of an illustrator who came to epitomise Regency elegance.

Interactive RAF graphic novel from Middlesex University

Chocks away!  Middlesex University students have collaborated with the Royal Airforce museum at Hendon airfield to produce an online interactive graphic novel relating the history of the airfield from the early 1900’s to the present day.

AOI Client Directories for 2018

Now updated for 2018, the three AOI Directories are available from the AOI Shop. Each directory contains contact details of clients who commission illustration in three areas: Advertising, Editorial and Publishing.


This exhibition features a selection from the 2018 shortlist of 200 works, plus spotlights on the 16 category and overall winners.

At once global and personal, visitors can expect to be inspired by this diverse, engaging exhibition of the best illustration made this year from across the world.