AOI in Partnership with Seoul Illustration Fair 2018

We are super excited to continue our partnership with the Seoul Illustration Fair for 2018! Taking place 26-29th of July at the COEX centre Seoul, THESIF is one of the world’s largest illustration fairs with over 800 stalls and 64000 visitors.

How to Draw Anything – book review

Authors, Scriberia specialise in various types of applied drawing that aim to capture ideas and act as a catalyst for conversation. This book is a kind of manifesto of their practice, their belief in the act of drawing as a universal form of communication – it should appeal to educators, students and practitioners of illustration.

Love Letters: Paula Amaral to Adam Simpson

For Varoom’s Love issue we asked six industry professionals to write a love letter to an image-maker and image they fell in love with. Paula Amaral, Creative Director at McCann Enterprise describes her feelings on Adam Simpson’s Tired Mind.

CILIP Kate Greenaway Medals Longlist

The longlist for the prestigious CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal has been published. Celebrating the best in children’s illustration, the Medal is unique in being judged by children’s librarians.

Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2018 – The Final Prep!

There’s so much to enjoy at the Fair, but be prepared. Jean Mackey Lebleu concludes her guide with everything you need to know about making the most of the Fair and avoiding pitfalls!To access content please log in to your membership, or join the AOI today.To access content please log in to your membership, or join the AOI today.

Old Farts – book review

Old Farts – a collection of short stories, family histories and whimsical musings on the tendencies of elderly folk – tickles the belly with its playful humour, and warms the cheeks with its empathy and human sensibility

Gamayun Tales Vol.1: The King of Birds – book review

This story of ‘courage, love and wisdom’ is a re-telling of traditional Russian folk tales with beautiful illustrations that bathe the reader in colour and immerses them in the story of an epic battle between the kingdoms of the animals and birds.

“Beauty School Gave Me Brain Damage”

“I think aesthetically, I’ve always been drawn to packaging and products, combs and blow dryers, all that” Zoë Taylor explores Seth Bogart’s eclectic work in Varoom ‘Love’ issue.

10 Hourly Comics you don’t want to miss

Yesterday, 1st of February, was #HourlyComicDay: a global challenge where artists create and share a comic for every hour they’re awake. We round up 10 comics for you to enjoy.

Varoom 37 – the Love Issue

The new ‘Love’ issue of Varoom explores this emotive topic in a host of ways – from Love Letters from art directors to illustrators and Folio Society’s passion for book publishing, to reportage from Berlin sex clubs.

Balthazar The Great – Book Review

The story of a violin-playing Polar Bear being set free from the circus in Balthazar the Great is one with a meaningful underlying message.

Big Steps to Success, by Gilles & Cecilie Studio

Gilles & Cecilie is an award-winning studio based in London, working internationally providing illustration and graphic art. Cecilie talks to us about the importance of planning your own success, and presents 10 things the studio has learned through their own experience and taking a Masters in Business Management.

All Aboard The Discovery Express – book review

We are going back in time on an instructive and entertaining journey showing the history of travel on a global stage. Tom Clohoshy-Cole’s illustrations shows sensitivity for machines and landscapes.

Vajournal – book review

Within the journal thought- provoking activities invites women to engage with and challenge accepted perceptions of womanhood in a playful but meaningful way. Beautifully constructed, empowering and original.