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CURATED FOLIO: Plants curated by AOI staff

Recognised for their wellbeing properties, house plants are coveted by many of us; for their pleasing structure, huge variety of shapes, as something to look after (or underwater!) and for..

CURATED FOLIO: Pride and LGBTQ+ Curated by AOI Staff

Pride month may be nearly over, but the celebrations continue! From legendary icons to colourful campaigns and messages with impact – we bring you a new curated gallery featuring illustrations..

Juliet Farnese Miguel, Jose and Maria

Carina Lindmeier women_carinalindmeier

Monika Jurczyk Summer by Monsie

Amy Evans Sushi

Barbara Gibson VisionER hand cut paper collage

Lorin Cinar Cupcake

Tofunmi Yosola The Scientists

Jennifer Dionisio Fleabag Season 2 Artwork for The BBC

Eva Munnich Bro culture

Jacqueline Colley Clap-for-our-Carers-sm

Alejandro Gomez robert smith

Becki Gill Bowie

Isabella Floris The Red Thread

Lauren Emmons From Above

Harriet Quilty Tod Info Centre

Zhana Mitkova Blueflower Power

Lauren Crow Credit Suisse

Rina Jost Collaboration

Ciaran Murphy Susan Fowler for The Financial Times

Dave Bain Happy New Year

Chris Dickason Chris Dickason Slow Mover Tortoise and House

Greg Coulton Jameson Deconstructed Series 'Bold'

Heike Jane Zimmermann Brownie the Bear - Children´s Book

Alejandro Gomez Zashiki-warashi

Hannah-Michelle Bayley Zodiac Flower

Natalia Maca Peony Flower

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