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Why did you make this work:
Wakayama city in Japan planned for a bookmobile. We were commissioned to create an illustration for Wakayama citizens by Wakayama city.

How was the illustration used:
the exterior and interior decor of a car in the bookmobile. the bookmarker.

How did you make this work:
We have come up with various ideas for getting many citizens, including children, adults and the elderly, to read books. The theme of the illustration is "A scene where animals are preparing to deliver the knowledge and stories gathered from all over the world to the citizens". We have drawn fun illustrations that will help citizens look forward to the book and the staff prepare in a fun mood.

Commissioner Company :
Wakayama city in Japan

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"Pinterest" pinterest.jp/lositoloca/_created/ "Behance" behance.net/lositoloca

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“Lositoloca" is an illustrator unit by Kousuke and Konatsu Saco They are living and working Wakayama in Japan. Digital like handmade , make illustrations and characters with humorous stories. “Lositoloca” means "a filter paper and filtration” in Japanese.