AOI Membership Terms

I understand that my membership service will commence at the point at which online access is granted.

This may take up to 1 working day.

By becoming a member of the AOI I agree to:

  1. Strive to abide by the Code of Conduct for illustrators / Agents
  2. Pay annual the membership fee in full, either as a one off fee or as staged payments using direct debit.
  3. Allow the AOI to use your Folio or social media images to promote you through the AOI channels.
  4. Warrant that all work uploaded to the AOI, including on the Folio site, is original and does not infringe on any existing copyright.

If I choose to pay by Direct Debit I understand that I must inform the AOI of my resignation at least 28 days before my membership end date or I will be liable for the full following years payment.  I can read the AOI’s Pricing policy here.

Where a member has purchased membership+ folio, I  understand that my data will be shared with the Directory of Illustration (The DOI) in the USA in order to facilitate the reciprocal folio offer.  As the DOI is based in the USA your data will be processed outside of the EEA and does not fall within the jurisdiction of the EU GDPR. We cannot guarantee that your data will be processed and protected to the same standard as under the EU GDPR.  If you are not happy with this arrangement please email [email protected] asap and we will withdraw this opportunity

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