WIA2020 Shortlist Highlights: Science and Technology Category Curated by Directory of Illustration


Our partners at Directory of Illustration have a specialist knowledge of scientific illustration through their Medical Illustration and Animation programme. For this feature in our Category Highlights series, Rachel Bajema, Editor of the Programme has added her industry insight to this curated selection from the WIA2020 Science & Technology Category.

“The field of medical and scientific illustration has evolved rapidly, keeping pace with increasing rates of scientific discovery and technological innovation. Demand has never been greater for skilled artists to help explain, market and promote new biological and technical products, and to educate vast consumer audiences. Creativity and precision are required to communicate complex concepts in a way that best promotes education and understanding. Increasingly sophisticated audiences and visual technologies have opened up new markets in animation, AR/VR, gaming, and other applications. Medical and scientific illustrators aspire to promote better health, wellness and education; drive and support vital scientific innovation and discovery; educate and inspire as we illustrate our intricate natural world.”

–Rachel Bajema, Editor, Medical Illustration & Animation marketing program (www.medillsb.com)

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The World Illustration Awards 2020 Shortlist features 200 projects, selected by a jury of international experts from over 4,300 entries across 10 categories.

Our thanks go to the three Science and Technology category judges 

Paul Veach : Tardigrades – Surviving Water Loss

This highly realistic 3D rendering brings the viewer inside the tardigrade’s dynamic world, shrinking us down into this unusual perspective. – Rachel Bajema

Paul is a biomedical artist and animator currently completing his Masters of Science degree at the University of Illinois in Chicago, USA. He grew up admiring great classic illustrators like Andrew Loomis and Howard Pyle. But his love for exploring science led him to merge his interests and create biomedical art that is both grounded in scientific discovery and maintains a visually striking aesthetic.

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Francesco Del Re : Pesci del Mediterraneo

This is a beautifully modern take on a traditional scientific poster. It’s fun to see an abundance of species, all competing for space and attention, in a looser art style that adds movement to the scene. – RB

Francesco was born in Potenza, Italy. He later moved to Padua, where he graduated in literature and then studied illustration at the International School of Comics. He now lives in Palermo.

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Hannah Rollings : Woodland Lifecycle Trail

What a super fun and friendly poster! It all works to inspire a big smile and some active attention to each part of the life cycle. My body involuntarily started to mimic the shapes when viewing this piece. – RB

Hannah Rollings is an illustrator and lecturer working across publishing and editorial illustration. She is currently undertaking her PhD at Kingston University supported by AHRC LDoC funding. Represented by How Do You Do Illustration Agency, Hannah graduated in 2013 with a Masters Degree from the University of Brighton in Sequential Design and Illustration, previously graduating from Kingston University in 2007 with a BA in Illustration and Animation.

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Ania Hupalowska : Primate Eye

There’s an interesting use of pattern and abstraction here, which draws the viewer’s eye deep past the focal point and into the details of that interesting figure. – RB

Anna Hupalowska is a scientist (PhD in molecular biology) and an illustrator based in Boston, MA. She combines art with science to create biomedical illustrations and visualisations of scientific discoveries.

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Antoine Doré : The Gut Microbiome

This inspires a great sense of wonder and imagination. Scientists as adventurers! – RB

Antoine Doré is an illustrator and comic book artist based in Paris. He received a training by a painter in an apprenticeship, before concentrating on illustration, mainly in publishing and editorial for clients such as Hachette, The Guardian, Variety, and Nature magazine. His work employs a combination of traditional and digital techniques and he likes to throw in a bit of absurd humour and surrealism.

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Daniel Liévano : The Lancet

This piece manages to be understated and exciting at the same time. A lovely modern figure. – RB

Daniel Liévano is an award-winning illustrator, based in Colombia. He dedicates most of his time creating covers and images for books, magazines and newspapers such as The Sunday Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and The Lancet.

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NewsAri : An infographic of Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

This is a beautifully rendered traditional science poster. The use of simple vector details adds rich information and clarity. – RB

Arisa Jantaralap is originally from Thailand and is currently studying scientific illustration at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. She has a passion for drawing and painting and aims to create an effective and attractive illustration presenting the beauty of nature and anatomical subject.

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Rina Allek : Anatomy fun facts book

What a beautiful style and sense of play with this subject matter! The figures are endlessly interesting, and layers of information are lurking in those details. – RB

Rina Allek is an illustrator and animator from Moscow, Russia. She recently graduated from HSE Art & Design School. She is inspired by nature, fairytales, folklore, dreams and nightmares. In her artworks she mixes different techniques, including digital and hand-drawing, linocut, etching, collage and more.

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Yannick de la Pêche : Game Of Life

Vintage comics and a game! The concept is left open-ended, making me want to know more. – RB

After having wasted years pursuing a degree in management, Yannick realised he wanted to give illustration a shot at being more than just a hobby. Since then, he has developed a distinct style that manages to create a unique sense of atmosphere in his work. Yannick also loves plants, skateboarding and vintage road bikes.

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28th July 2020

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