Daniel Liévano
The Lancet

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Why did you make this work:
Elena Becker-Barroso, editor of The Lancet Neurology, asked me to create a single illustration with a positive tone and promote awareness of cerebrovascular disease. Stroke is the first cause of death in China, and my goal was to associate the China's' national flower with the the fragility and anatomic beauty of the human brain.

How was the illustration used:
It was published as the magazine cover for The Lancet Neurology April 2019 issue.

How did you make this work:

Commissioner Name :
Elena Becker-Barroso
Commissioner Company :
The Lancet Neurology

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Daniel Liévano is an award-winning illustrator that has dedicated most of his time creating covers and images for books, magazines and newspapers such as The Sunday Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and The Lancet. Some awards include Communication Art Awards of Excellence, Gold Medal Society of Illustrators NY, 3x3 Honorable mentions and bronze medal Latin American Design Awards. He currently lives and works in his hometown.