Varoom is the globally leading illustration magazine featuring a unique combination of industry insight and critical analysis of the field of illustration.

Published bi-annually by the AOI and edited by Olivia Ahmad. Issue 41 – No Narrative available here.
What's in the Latest Issue

The No Narrative issue explores illustration’s powerful potential to find new forms that follow their own rules.

Article Excerpt: Flora and Fungi

Katie Scott reveals the process behind her project with Kew Gardens

Article Excerpt: Word Activism

Argentinian street artist Tano Veron uses text stencils and letterpress (and colour) to spread ideas.

Article Excerpt: Making Faces

Katie McCurrach tracks the role of image-making in criminal identification from sketching to EvoFIT.

Article Excerpt: Hervé Tullet's Simple Ideas

Hervé Tullet on creating books for interactive play ‘My books are installations, displays’

Online Exclusive: Matthew Richardson

Matthew Richarson created the collaged artwork for the cover of the No Narrative issue of Varoom. Here he tells us about his concept and process.

Article Excerpt: Cutting Through

Infographics – the tip of the iceberg is the image explain Grundini and Delayed Gratification

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