Varoom is the UK’s leading illustration magazine with an international view of contemporary practice and industry.

Published annually by the AOI, edited by Olivia Ahmad and designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio. Issue 41 – No Narrative available here.
What's in the current Issue

The No Narrative issue explores illustration’s powerful potential to find new forms that follow their own rules.

Article Excerpt: Flora and Fungi

Katie Scott reveals the process behind her project with Kew Gardens

Article Excerpt: Word Activism

Argentinian street artist Tano Veron uses text stencils and letterpress (and colour) to spread ideas.

Article Excerpt: Making Faces

Katie McCurrach tracks the role of image-making in criminal identification from sketching to EvoFIT.

Article Excerpt: Hervé Tullet's Simple Ideas

Hervé Tullet on creating books for interactive play ‘My books are installations, displays’

Online Exclusive: Matthew Richardson

Matthew Richarson created the collaged artwork for the cover of the No Narrative issue of Varoom. Here he tells us about his concept and process.

Article Excerpt: Cutting Through

Infographics – the tip of the iceberg is the image explain Grundini and Delayed Gratification

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