Varoom is the globally leading illustration magazine featuring a unique combination of industry insight and critical analysis of the field of illustration.

Published by the AOI and edited by Olivia Ahmad the magazine comes out twice a year and is available to buy here.
What's in the Latest Issue

Varoom 38 – the Activism issue. Artwashing, exploding trains, radical books and more!

Article Excert: It’s Got To Be Real

Stuart Lang looks at the successes and failures of brand associations when they support movements

Article Excerpt: Book Building

Tara Books’ distinct children’s books, published in India, are profoundly progressive, political – and beautiful.

Article Excerpt: Virtual Vandal

Seb Chaloner is chucking a brick at exclusive ‘creative type’ Members Clubs

Online Exclusive: Manifesto for Illustrators

Paul Bowman’s manifesto entitled Educate Agitate Abdicate is a call to arms for illustrators

Online Exclusive: Joseph Kai comic artist

Joseph Kai talks to Paul Gravett about the Samandal group and role of comics in Lebanese culture

Online Exclusive - Folio Illustrators Pt.III

Victo Ngai and Paul Scheruebel reveal what it is like to be commissioned by The Folio Society