Varoom is the globally leading illustration magazine featuring a unique combination of industry insight and critical analysis of the field of illustration.

Published bi-annually by the AOI and edited by Olivia Ahmad. Issue 40 – Fantasy available here.
What's in the latest issue

In the Fantasy issue of Varoom we meet illustrators inviting you to places unlike any other.

Article Excerpt: Digital Romance

The work of Ram Han broaches adult themes; romance, sexuality and voyeurism.

Article Excerpt: Cloak of Fantasy

From Game of Thrones to the Chinese Post, Victo Ngai’s work embraces the fantastical.

Online Exclusive: Yehrin Tong

Yehrin Tong created the artwork for the cover of the Fantasy issue of Varoom. We asked her about her concept and process.

Online Exclusive: Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Varoom 39 features Hick-Jenkins’ edgy Hansel & Gretel retellings across multi media, but does he embrace the role of illustrator?

Article: Gucci's Daydream Nation

Ignasi Monreal’s paintings for mix art historical and pop culture references to sublime effect. Zoe Taylor explores his work for Gucci’s Utopian Fantasy.

Article Excerpt: Finding The Middle

Joy Miessi transforms personal experiences into visual memorabilia through mixed media work.

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