Winsor & Newton’s Highlights from the World Illustration Awards 2020 Longlist

WIA2020 Overall Winner sponsors Winsor & Newton have selected some of their favourite projects from the World Illustration Awards 2020 Longlist. Focusing on hand-drawn illustration, including many using materials such as ink, watercolour, fineliners and collage, there’s a host of inspiring work that utilises the finest art materials, including those supplied to artists world-wide by Winsor & Newton.

“Sponsoring WIA has been a wonderful new way for Winsor & Newton to connect with artists and see how our tools are enabling and inspiring every artist in the world. The WIA longlist truly comes to show that art and creativity is an excellent form of self-expression, and we have loved getting to know each artist through their work.”

This selection showcases the versatility of drawing, print and paint media for illustrators to use in a huge range of creative ways, and often brilliantly combined with digital finishing.

Remember, if you would like to learn more click through to each page to see the full submission, artist’s text and contact details! Be sure to give a follow on social to the illustrators you like.

South Korean illustrator Somin Ahn has illustrated the lyrics of a famous Korean song called ‘Square’s Dream’ in this project longlisted for the Children’s Publishing Category sponsored by Walker Books. She has reinterpreted the words, and made a story about a boy who lives in a square world for a picture book commissioned by Changbi Publisher. She used pencil, acrylics and Photoshop to make her illustrations.

Hye Young An’s work in the Alternative Publishing category is based on objects found at the beach, each reminding her of forgotten memories of summer. These were made with watercolour, gouache and paper collage and turned into a self-published zine.

Madalina Andronic’s illustrations are longlisted in the Design, Product & Packaging Category. They were created for three perfumes by Createur 5d’Emotions in collaboration with Arturetto Landi. They are inspired by traditional Romanian folktales, and created using ink and watercolour, with handwritten text.

Spanish illustrator Lourdes Asencio recently graduated from Artediez Art School. Her work is longlisted in the Alternative Publishing category, and was her final project for her illustration course. These hand drawn pieces use pencil and water-soluble graphite pencils on Fabriano paper. Each image was then digitally treated to achieve an aesthetic similar to that created by the Kodak No.1 camera.

Berlin-based illustrator Tina Berning’s entry is longlisted in the Commercial Publishing category. Commissioend by Rockport Publishiers/Quarto Group, it is illustrations the classic novella The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The illustrations cover 204 pages, combining figurative, narrative drawings with spilled ink crystallising over figures, leaving traces on sceneries and casting dark shadows.

New Talent illustrator Erin Lee Carman’s work is longlisted in the Editorial Category sponsored by Procreate. It explores different perspectives of feminine identity and the female body. The portrait is drawn in ink, and combined with a series of handmade collages made from found print materials. These were then scanned, and transferred to a photo-litho plate, and hand printed onto monoprinted rag paper using hand missed litho inks.

New Talent illustrator Yunyao Chen is originally from China, but is currently studying at the school of Visual Arts in New York.  This work has been longlisted in the Book Covers category, inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It’s made using transparent watercolour and opaque ink, on a grey background, and then adjusted in Photoshop.

Alexey Cherepanov’s author-illustrated fairy tale The Moon Fish & the Moon is longlisted in the Children’s Publishing Category sponsored by Walker Books. Each illustration started as a preliminary sketch using coloured pencils, and then finished using watercolour paint on watercolour paper.  Alexey lives and works in Ukraine, and his book was commissioned by the ABC Story Publishing Corporation.

New Talent illustrator Alice Courtley recently graduated from the Cambridge School of Art with an MA in Children’s Book Illustration. This piece uses painted textures that were then collaged together, before being scanned and finished digitally.

Brooklyn-based illustrator Dion MBD’s illustration When Judges Let Police Shakes Your Family Tree is longlisted in the Editorial Category sponsored by Procreate. This piece was commissioned by the New York Times, to accompany an article about DNA gathering services. The work is made using ink washes, with graphite for the details. The DNA strands were added digitally in Photoshop.

This illustration by Romanian illustrator Alexandra Mirzac is longlisted in the Exploration Category. It illustrates a poem “Street Corner Telephone” by Romanian poet Cristi Popescu. It’s made using mixed media on paper, with tempera, oil pastel and coloured crayons, using a limited colour palette of (mainly) Prussian Blue and Vermilion.

Australian illustrator Guy Morgan’s longlisted entry in the Alternative Publishing Category combines his fine art practice with his background as an advertising copywriter to produce a light-hearted story. The illustrations are made using a palette knife to draw into wet oil paint, encouraging a spontaneous approach to mark making.

Lilla Turi is a Hungarian illustrator currently studying Children Book’s Illustration at Cambridge School of Art. Her piece ‘Ice’ is longlisted in the New Talent Commercial Publishing Category, and forms part of a 32 page picture book for adults, based on the story of a Syrian musician spending four days in Budapest as a refugee. The work was made using crayon, wax pastels and watercolour pencils. The book is published by Magvető Kiadó.

19th May 2020

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