Lourdes Asencio
The girl in the checkered coat

Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
“The girl in the checkered coat” is the final project for Artediez Art School. It is based on the novel "Around the world in 72 days" by Nellie Bly, a nonfiction history of a 25 year old female reporter for the New York World. Nellie lamented the fact that she had forgotten to take a Kodak. I have tried to show the pictures that she could have made if she had taken a camera.

How was the illustration used:
It is a porfolio piece because the Final Project is the last step to obtain the degree in the Higher Degree in Design Training Cycles. This project aims to verify that the student has mastered and is able to integrate syncretize and apply the theoretical, practical and artistic knowledge acquired through the teachings studied at the school.

How did you make this work:
The illustrations were made in pencil and water-soluble graphite pencils on Fabriano paper. They were digitally treated to achieve an aesthetic similar to that performed by the Kodak No.1 camera. Each Kodak 1 contained a roll of film, once it was used, was sent for processing. Images came back as 65mm round negatives.

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Artediez Art School
Graphic Design Advanced Vocational Training: Illustration
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Lourdes Asencio was born in Madrid, Spain, where she graduated in Sociology. She studied Graphic Design and recently completed the Higher Formative Degree in Illustration at the Artediez Art School. Her work has the Illustration FLIC Network Award (2018), and recognitions such International Illustration Meeting of S. João da Madeira (2019), The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles (58th Annual Illustration Competition) and the competition “The Children-Spectators” (Bologna Children's Book Fair-2020).