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The full list of WIA2022 Winners!

See the winning and highly commended projects for this year’s awards.

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AOI Members Award Cross-Category Shortlist

See the AOI Members shortlisted for this award by the AOI Membership Team.

Meet the illustrators shortlisted for this year’s Awards

Read our series of mini-interviews supplied by the WIA2022 shortlist so far!

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Beyond the Page

From 3D work to objects, these projects take illustration beyond the traditional page. Any surface can be a space for illustration!

An animation of a girl snowboarding
Image credit: Alicia Blasco

Moving Images

From short looped gifs to longer animated films, moving image is a great way for illustrators to create impactful work.

Image credit: Haoshu


Science fiction, stories of imagined futures, and contemporary reinterpretations of sci-fi classics offer a rich seam of inspiration for illustrators wishing to really push their imagination to the limit.

Three women sit around a table. One woman has her hand against her head, frustrated. The other is glitching like she has a bad connection. The third is out of focus with a loading wheel in front of her face.
Image credit: Jess Suttner

Covid Impacts

Illustration projects from the WIA2022 Shortlist that explore the wide-ranging, and sometimes surprising, impacts of global lockdown restrictions over the last two years.

Image credit: Carina Lindmeier

Portfolio Work

Whether exploring a new idea, style or technique, self-initiated work often forms the foundation of an illustrator’s practice and portfolio.

Image credit: Isabella Bersellini

Vintage and Retro Style

Harking back to times gone by, these illustrators have been influenced by the colours, striking fonts and iconic imagery of all things vintage and retro.

Image credit: Tara Anand

Watch the WIA2022 Awards Announcements

The AOI Team and Special Guests announce the winners.

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DI Award Cross-Category Shortlist

The DI Award shortlist is selected from all the WIA2022 Professional Shortlisted entries.

Image credit: Matt Harrison Clough

Judges’ Professional Highlights

See some of the judges’ highlights from the WIA2022 Professional Shortlist, alongside their comments on what makes these projects sing!

Image credit: Trampolin

Vibrant Colour

Bright, bold colour makes for attention-grabbing illustration. Whether tempting consumers, engaging readers or encouraging clicks, a vibrant colour palette can create an impact like nothing else.

this image is about not labeling a person.
Image credit: Flora Bai

Drawing on Personal Experience

Illustration that uses direct, personal experience to inspire creative image-making.

Now the boy goes underwater for the first time. And discovers a world he never knew existed. This is the surprise page full of magic. Text reads:
Image credit: Dorien Brouwers

Rivers and Oceans

The waterways of the natural world provide a wealth of inspiration for illustrators, including non-fiction memoirs, children’s books that capture the magic of storytelling, as well as narratives on the impact of sea pollution.

Image credit: Rachael Saunders

Pattern and Repetition

Repetition is far from boring! This gallery of images shows the powerful impact of pattern, repetition and texture in storytelling.

Image credit: Isaac Spellman


The human face is instantly recognisable, and can be the centrepiece of an eye-catching image. Whether celebrating the great and the good, or offering a perspective on a personal, interior world, the use of portraiture is strong on this year’s shortlist.

Image credit: Carole Bouvier

Spotlight interviews with WIA2022 Winners!

Meet some of our winners in this series of mini-interviews

Image credit: Loe Lee

Innovation Award Cross-Category Shortlist

Workbook select their shortlist for the Innovation award.

Image credit: Ana Yael

Minimalist Illustration

Illustration using the minimum to create impact. Limited colours, simple lines and bold shapes can tell a story in the simplest of ways.

Image credit: Cecilia Cairo

Judges’ New Talent Highlights

Read on for some judges’ highlights from the WIA2022 New Talent Shortlist, alongside their thoughts on what made these particular projects stand out!

Image credit: qinlin yang

Tough Topics

The medium of illustration is a perfect way to convey emotionally difficult and challenging topics, especially for younger audiences.

Image credit: Chiara Vercesi


The urgency of climate change is an unsurprising feature of this year’s shortlist.

Image credit: Lisa Sheehan

Image and Text

Typography and illustration meet…

Image credit: Bo Yang


Illustration bringing powerful memories and imagery from the past to life for a contemporary audience.

Image credit: Jiayan Fan

Music and Sound

Whether inspired by music, or commenting on the industry, illustration can powerfully translate the rhythm and energy of music and sound into images.

Image credit: Duke + 1

Judges’ Reflections on the Winners

Commentary from the judges on some of the winning WIA2022 Projects.

Image credit: Rin Jirajakkavan

SAA Agents’ Award for New Talent Cross-Category Shortlist

This award for New Talent offers an illustrator the chance for six months’ of mentoring and trial representation.

Illustration by Jennifer N. R. Smith / WonderTheory, showing thorned brambles growing up the nervous system of a person's torso, the brambles at the bottom of the piece are growing in the shape of a uterus, and there are blackberries where the ovaries should be. A blue, gloved hand is coming in from the left to pluck at the ovary blackberry, and another gloved hand coming in from the right is using gardening secateurs to cut one of the branches.
Image credit: Jennifer N. R. Smith | Wondertheory

Scientific & Medical Illustration

Our partners at the Directory of Illustration offer their view from the USA on a range of illustrations themed around Science and Technology from across the categories.

Image credit: Lyne Lucien

Breaking Bias

This gallery of projects shows how illustrators have responded to editorial and self-initiated briefs that address the issue racial bias.

Image credit: Soyung Lee

Picture Books

Explore how the picture book format can create engaging narratives for readers of any age.

Image credit: Lydia Mary

Flora & Fauna

A rich seam of inspiration exists in depicting the inhabitants and species of the natural world. It may be used as a means to enhance a public space, for storytelling and communicate the importance of conservation.

Image credit: Aleksandra Badura

Brands and Campaigns

Projects using illustration for commissioned (and prospective) product design, branding, and advertising campaigns, often across multiple digital and printed platforms.

Image credit: Nika Mamedova

Home and Community

Illustration can help communities come together to reflect on important events and their futures, as well representing their experiences of home and creating moments of joy.

Image credit: Graham Carter

More than Words

Illustration has always been a means to explore the meaning of the written word, and communicate it in a new and thought provoking way.