Meet some of the award-winning illustrators for WIA2022 in this series of mini-interviews.

Alan Lu Jiang

Spotlight on New Talent Advertising Category Winner Alan Lu Jiang

Dexin Chen

Spotlight on New Talent Book Covers Category Winner Dexin Chen

Iga Nawara

Spotlight on New Talent Design, Product & Packaging Category Winner Iga Nawara

An animation of a woman snowboarding
Alicia Blasco

Spotlight on New Talent Science & Technology Category Winner Alicia Blasco

Daniel Lievano

Spotlight on the WIA2022 Professional Overall Winner Daniel Lievano

Lea Berndorfer

Spotlight on New Talent Editorial Category Winner Lea Berndorfer

Chiara Vercesi

Spotlight on Professional Advertising Category Winner Chiara Vercesi

Now the boy goes underwater for the first time. And discovers a world he never knew existed. This is the surprise page full of magic. Text reads:
Dorien Brouwers

Spotlight on DI Award Winner Dorien Brouwers

Kate Rolfe

Spotlight on New Talent Children’s Publishing Category Winner Kate Rolfe

Carole Bouvier

Spotlight on SAA Agents Award for New Talent Winner Carole Bouvier

DUKE + 1

Spotlight on Professional Editorial Category Winner Duke+1

Miriam Pritchard

Spotlight on New Talent Site Specific Category Winner Miriam Pritchard