See how illustration is used in the real world!

An exciting moment for any illustrator is seeing the work in its intended context. This might be in a printed book, magazine, newspaper, on a product, or even installed in a public place.

In this gallery, we explore how just some of the projects from the WIA2020 shortlist were used by the client, or mocked up by the illustrator for its anticipated use.

Anna Sokolova: Netflix Originals Delft Blue

Installation photographs of Anna’s work installed at Netflix HQ in Amsterdam.

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Tianshu: The Metamorphosis

Tianshu Wu’s handmade artwork is transformed into a book cover for Kafka’s The Metamorphosis.

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Eleni Debo: Eloping Tradition

Eleni’s illustration as it appears cover of Opinie Magazine, and it’s placement on an inside double spread.

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Francis Vallejo: Anansi Boys

Francis’ luscious illustrations were published in this deluxe edition by the Folio Society.

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Flore Deman: The Narcissist

Flore’s subtle illustrations shown on white backgrounds and in print alongside the article.

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Peter Phobia: Neighbors of New York

Just some of the hundreds of display boards in New York featuring Peter’s project celebrating the people of the city.

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Lucia Vinti: Van Gogh and Britain For Families

Lucia’s design for a gallery guide, accompanied by Tate products and ephemera.

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Fernando Cobelo: Zanichelli’s 2020 dictionaries

The final set of dictionaries featuring a series of designs and colourways.

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Dion MBD: Until We Meet Again

Dion MBD’s illustrations in print creating a picture book effect, with subtle overlaid text.

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