Christian ‘woodsy’ Wood
Gardening for the Zombie Apocalypse

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
I was chosen and commissioned by Head of Zues Publishing, art director, Jessie Price to fully illustrate the Book.

How was the illustration used:
The idea behind the brief developed into a visual language that served partly as an instructional, illustrated survival guide. I developed Characters based on the written stereotypes featured in zombie movies and designed 8 double page spreads for each chapter's opener. Some additional drawings were also required to scatter throughout the book.

How did you make this work:
All illustrations were sketched by hand, sent to the art director for approval and redrawn in adobe illustrator with a limit of the chosen 3 colours.

Commissioner Name :
Jessie Price
Commissioner Company :
Head of Zues publishing

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Currently Based:
I live in London, UK

Christian is a freelance illustrator and motion designer based in London with five years of industry experience. He holds a BA Honours degree in Illustration from Camberwell College of Arts. Christian’s focus is on making imagery that is dynamic, playful and topical, using influences that range from animation, physical theatre and dance to science and technology. His work is research-driven and made through hand-drawn and digital experimentation with pattern, geometry, colour and character design. Christian is also part of the London Art and Dance Collective, @hashtagunity