Portfolio Work

Whether exploring a new idea, style or technique, self-initiated work often forms the foundation of an illustrator’s practice and portfolio.

Giovanni Gastaldi 
Secret Talent

This work stems from a call to make posters on the theme of the future of education. The artist was tempted to represent new technologies, but then I decided to tell something about themself. They drew a child who is not understood and isolated. That child believed for a long time that he was wrong, and only through good teaching did he discover that he had a talent, which today he has turned into work.

Sara Neuhart 
Visual Thoughts On Current Affairs

This body of work is meant to reflect the times that we are living in through digital collage. My intent is to raise public awareness about political, economic, and social issues that impact the world around us in hopes of sparking vital social change.

Michelle Ku 
Mind Body

This ongoing series ‘Mind Body’ is inspired by the artist’s healing journey over the last 7 years after a medical misdiagnosis. This work references the recovery, withdrawal, and process of healing from this and other childhood trauma. The artist’s hope is to help others heal by being vulnerable with their own journey. 

Maki Yamaguchi 

For this personal project, the artist came across this scene in lower Manhattan that was stereotypically New York. A street under construction, very old buildings with a very old deli, graffitied walls, indifferent people, and a cat in the window. It was a very bright day and the smoke was so dense and white, making the whole scene beautiful.

Paula Heister 

Glow is a narrative non-fiction picture-book about light. Lumy, the glow-in-the-dark rabbit leads an exploration of the science behind night-time glow in its different forms. It was inspired by the artist’s work as a scientist, and the joy of printmaking with unusual colours. Pages are risograph-printed with a glow-in-the-dark layer screen-printed on top to create dual “daytime-nighttime” images. 

Fangyu Ma 
The Chess Game

This piece was a personal piece by a student that explored the idea of sexual abuse in the early educational system

Jerilyn Lee 
Black Holes

“Black Holes” is a mock-up illustration based on the NYT article “Black Holes May Hide a Mind-Bending Secret About Our Universe.” This piece was created using Adobe Illustrator. 

The Masque Of The Red Death

This illustration was a graphic exploration of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Mask of the Red Death”. The artist produced a freer and more personal interpretation of the story. The project aligns with their personal references of style and theme, rather than a literal translation of the story or a faithful description of a scene.

Isabel Keen 
“What’s A Mine Dad?”

This image is from a series of development work illustrating oral histories from former miners at Geevor tin mine. The artist made this to explore how to capture a sense of the dark, dirt, solitude and claustrophobia of underground work. They used digital sketching, printed onto cartridge paper and then worked into with ink, wax resist, washing up liquid and charcoal.