Mental Health

Mental health affects many people and these illustrators have explored this with great sensitivity through animations, picture books, editorial and personal projects.

If any of the topics below affect you, please find support on the Mind website.


A boy inhaled into a black hole with poor planets. Anger and anxiety are lost in a space as empty as the universe.

The illustrator wanted to use animation to express their mindset after receiving excess information, where they feel like they loose conciousness and float in the universe arbitrarily.

Luisa Jung
How Do I Find The Right Therapist?

Luisa was commissioned to work on a series of images about how mental health disorders have increased in the course of the pandemic and how hard it has become for people to get access to treatment.

They conceived the series as a journey through the different stages of the difficult process of finding the right treatment.

Cindy Liu
Roller Coaster Rider

Inspired by the title of the documentary “Roller Coaster Rider” which Cindy felt was a perfect metaphor for the non-stop ups and downs of being a bipolar disorder patient. The wanted to combine the struggle with the disease and the wish to recover in their artwork.

Alxndra Cook

This illustration was created as a personal project to explore the range of emotions that the illustrator was experiencing in their everyday life.

They wanted to share this work to help release these emotions. By sharing them through this artwork it can give them permission to process these feelings


This silent graphic novel explores depression, through the understanding of psychological liminal space and the transformative powers it has, through illustrating physical and fluid liminal spaces.

There are no singular focal points within a page or double page spread as to do so would negate the atmosphere of liminality.

A large blue Bear is torn between retreating to the shadow to his left, or staying in the light with his friend, the wolf.

Kate Rolfe
Wolf and Bear: A friendship of light and shadow

A picture book inspired by the artists own neurodivergent friendships and relationships that are impacted by mental health struggles.

Wolf and Bear uses a metaphor of light/shadow to signify emotions, so Kate created the artwork using mainly cyanotype (printmaking with light) and digital drawing.

Dani Stacey
Lost Connection

Inspired by an article in the New York Times about how to help a partner with depression. A man described his wife’s depression as “not one of sadness so much as it is emptiness”.

Dani Stacey
Crumbling Rock

This illustration is a play on the archetypal rock character – how many often dismiss those that are seen as strong and stable as being beyond feeling / emotions. What is projected on the outside does not correspond with the inside.

Ziying Zhang
The Stomach in Emotion

Due to emotional problems and academic stress, Ziying suffered from acute gastroenteritis and they realised that there is a link between emotions and gastrointestinal problems. They wanted to make more people aware of how emotions can affect one’s gastrointestinal health, so they created this set of illustrations.