Women’s Voices

Many of WIA2023’s shortlisted projects have addressed the theme of women’s healthcare and the experiences of women in society today.

Harriet Noble
Lady Garden Foundation: “Give Your Fanny Five”

These ilustrations were created for the Lady Garden Foundation’s “Give Your Fanny Five” campaign. The aim was to raise much-needed awareness around the taboo topic of gynaecological cancer, whilst keeping the messaging accessible and warm.

Relatable characters in the illustrations find every-day moments to perform an intimate check on themselves are expressed in a humorous and playful way, so that the illustrations are informative yet friendly.

Tatum Lorway
Roe Vs Wade

The overturning of Roe vs Wade struck the hearts of women all over the country in the United States.

Tatum created this piece to show their fear, frustration, and anger over the lose to the right of their own autonomy and their own choice.

Juliana Ocampo
Longing For The Wild

The book features stories based on female shared experiences through the journey of two young girls who confront the frustrations that take place daily in women’s inner lives.

The aim of the book is to inspire the reader to strengthen their sense of community, better understand each other and themselves. The images were made by collaging found objects with traditional techniques like drawing and printmaking.

Margriet Osinga
Consent Is Key

Margriet was commissioned by Leiden University to create an illustration for their Consent is Key campaign.

The campaign was about preventing and discussing sexually transgressive behaviour and creating a safe environment.

Margriet wanted to create an inclusive and loving image where atmosphere plays an important role.

My First Period Box

The First Period Box project was created as part of Ike’s university curriculum to provide everything a child will need for their first menarche: all in a fun – yet honest – and gender-neutral way.

From gadgets to informational leaflets, it envisions an uplifting, alternative future where menstruation is taught and discussed with children as the natural, shared and diverse experience that it is.

Petra Braun
Powerful Women

Petra created these illustrations for the Instagram challenge “Powerful Women Week” which they host annually with a group of female illustrators. They find that drawing challenges with a prompt list for inspiration and a specific deadline, is a great way to create personal work.

For this challenge, Petra wanted to practice frame-by-frame animation and composition and also show confident women who encourage each other.

Inma Hortas
Adidas Running Ultraboost 22 Shoes (Female Fit)

This ad campaign shows the new Adidas Ultraboost 22 shoes, designed by and for women. There is a reference to the runner’s high to celebrate this endorphin boost and the incredible impact that running has on mental health whilst keeping the UB22 itself central to the illustration.

Assets for animation, some letterings and illustrated frames were created to complete the whole campaign.

Eva Redamonti
Why We Hate Women’s Voices, How I Reclaimed Mine

This illustration was created for an essay that was adapted from the book ‘Hysterical: A Memoir’ by Elissa Bassist.

The book centres on how girls and women repress their rage and silence their own voices in a patriarchal system and the ways in which that harms them (sometimes even manifesting in physical pains and ailments).

Jenny Løvlie
A Dress With Pockets

This is a subtly feminist illustrated picture book (with text by Lily Murray) about Lucy, who is taken out by her aunt Augusta to get a new dress for her birthday.

She tries on all kinds of fabulous dresses, but none of them are quite right. She is looking for a dress with pockets to keep all her tools and treasures in when she goes adventuring

The illustrations for this story were created in photoshop.