Alxndra Cook

It's a good release to just be honest with myself using my work sometimes.


Un-commissioned | Professional

How were your illustrations used? :
Experimentation, Self Promotion/portfolio

How did you make this work:
Every now and then I feel the need to create work like this. Something that is so honest and vulnerable that it’s almost scary to post it anywhere. It’s a weird kind of release. If I can’t put this kind of work out there for people to see how can I ever deal with these kinds of emotions internally too?

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United Kingdom (UK)

Freelance illustrator, textiles designer and comics artist based in London. Fashion graduate of CSM and LCF. Having originally worked in the fashion industry after university, designing print and knit patterns for designer Sabinna, they now run their own freelance business and brand selling printed silk scarves, working on client commissions, vlogging and creating comics.