Flora and Fauna

A rich seam of inspiration exists in depicting the inhabitants and species of the natural world. It may be used as a means to enhance a public space, for storytelling and communicate the importance of conservation.

Jennifer N. R. Smith | WonderTheory

When Jennifer fell in love with the subject of bioluminescence after unexpectedly witnessing sea sparkle for the first time, she developed a fascination with the phenomenon, and pitched her idea for a children’s book.

Working with designer Kate Haynes, they explored different printing techniques, deciding on selectively using fluorescent spot printing with expanded gamut, so the illustrations seem to really glow!

Irene Pérez
Spring Edition – Incapto

This illustration was commissioned for Incapto, an ethical and ecological coffee brand from Barcelona, Spain.

This series of collectible packaging is part of a limited edition’s coffee, the special spring edition.

The coffees that make up the blend are mainly African, so this illustration plays with African flowers, birds and other elements to describe this fruity coffee with a floral taste.

Nick Daly
Dys/Rhythmic Clock

This illustration is inspired by Carl Linnaeus’ Flower Clock, which conveys how plants undergo daily rhythms of wakefulness and sleep.

DNA strands portray how this relates to the human body, while inside the clock are depictions of a person’s life whose circadian rhythm is disrupted.

The separate elements were drawn with charcoal pencil before being constructed and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

Michael Pantuso
Chelsea Bee

This illustration was inspired by the Michael Pantuso quote “Wherever the Chelsea Bee may travel, her journey is a joy to behold. For in her wings and in her dance, there’s a London story waiting to be told.”

Laura Merz
Metsola Beasties

This illustration project is a series of integrated artworks in the new Metsola nursery school in Espoo, Finland.

The work is part of EMMA Espoo Modern Art Museum’s public art collection. The series consists of printed facade murals, interior murals and glass door pattern designs.

The works give themes to the different entrances and interior spaces and help children navigate in the building.

Lydia Caprani
Beyond Bloomsbury

For ‘Beyond Bloomsbury: Life, Love and Legacy’ at York Art Gallery, Lydia was commissioned to bring to life the vibrancy of Bloomsbury’s work through large scale surface patterns and decorative objects. Painted over 5 days, the floral centrepiece created a rich backdrop for the exhibition, inspired by the busy, lively and enriching environments in which the group lived and worked.

Aleksandra Czudżak
Mural in Orientarium

This mural was created for the newly opened Orientarium, a building located in Łódź ZOO in Poland.

Aleksandra was asked to depict animals that you can find there. Since the wall was located in a narrow passage, and it couldn’t be seen from the far, she wanted to make the mural elaborate, and full of detail. Fur, scales and feathers were a big inspiration, and she could see live models in the zoo!

Katy Wang
On Being

Katy and her partner Gabriel Greenhough were approached by award
winning podcast – On Being to create this beautifully animated
celebration of the natural world. With a mix of 2D and 3D animation,
Katy’s incredible illustrative animation takes viewers on a
sumptuously transitioning journey through forests, oceans, galaxies
and beyond.

Becca Thorne
Marginal Habitats: The Hedgerow/Field Margin/Pond

We might pass these spaces everyday, but rarely stop and look.

Becca designed these prints as narrow landscapes to create a visual journey, so the viewer experiences them as they might in real life: first we see large or dramatic animals, but a closer look shows the huge diversity of other wildlife.

The series was meticulously researched via local Wildlife Trust courses & the UK Biodiversity Framework.

Owen Davey
Passionate About Penguins

These illustrations were created for a non-fiction book about penguins. In these examples, you can see the variety between species, their diet, body adaptations, how they interact, and their size compared to each other and a human researcher.

The artworks aim to inspire kids to want to find out more about penguins.

Sonny Ross
Hand of The Garden

A friend of Sonny’s started a business to make large, beautiful throw blankets that could also be used as a wall hanging.

They asked Sonny to create a series of designs for the blankets.

This was Sonny’s first experience in the realm of textiles design, as they are usually an editorial illustrator so they really enjoyed this new and exciting way to explore their style.

Bharath Arappali
Insects are beautiful

Insects are tiny creatures that live around us that are a part of our daily lives.

This explorative illustration is based on the structure of those creatures which has lot of details on them. Their perfectly symmetrical body and elemental structure allowed Bharath to explore and generate some of their own.

Olha Onishchuk
The Sunny Country

The sunflower is a well-known symbol of Ukraine, the seeds closely placed in the sunflower symbolize the unity of the Ukrainian nation in front of the face of the war.

The map of Ukraine is shown in its borders before the occupation of the territories in the east and south of the country.

Melanie Gandyra
The world in one field

Patagonia Innsbruck asked Melanie to create one of their environmental window displays to introduce the work of the local NGO “Feldschafft”.

The design should visualize the project “Weltacker” which educate about our global resources and tries to grow everything one person needs on 2000 square meters.

The illustration shows the different parts of the field and the plant family that will be grown there

Orit Bergman, Anat Warshavsky
What is More, Yellow or an Elephant?

This exhibition was commissioned by the Hanssen House, a centre for culture and design, and shown throughout the summer months in their main gallery halls.

The artists Orit and Anat share a common interest in playing with 2D and 3D illustration, and in this work they created a two-headed yellow monster which leads a flock of 2 and 3D creatures in a happy rumpus around the gallery’s walls and ceiling.

Prang Vipaluk
centralwOrld Blooming Summer 2022

The concept of this project was to reimagine centralwOrld shopping complex in Bangkok as a huge greenhouse where visitors can enter and experience the oversized, vibrant garden, formed by graphic shapes and elements, to heal and refresh themselves.

The main attraction is “The Hanging Garden” in Central Court, where visitors can enjoy the garden from any perspective. The assets have been installed throughout the mall.

Pauliina Mäkelä

Fantasma by Tanja Tiekso is a travelogue, essay and voyage of discovery.

Pauliina was inspired by the qrotesque ornaments of ancient Rome, where human, animal and plant motifs blend together to form hybrid creatures.

The images were drawn with pencil on paper, scanned and digitally coloured.