Noa Snir
Smeda Rmeda

Image Type: multiple

Usage: Full-page illustrations for a book (a fairytale for an adult audience).

Process: Sketches finalized with pencil, then scanned into computer and colored in Photoshop using two separate color layers (for a silkscreen feel). The book was printed digitally using indigo print. Some of the images contain also lino-cut work and pen work. Fine-art prints of this project were also made by me, for a limited, hand-pulled silk-screened edition. 

Materials: Pencil, pen, linocut, printmaking.

Formats: Printed book object, bound by using leporello technique. Book size is 19 x 27 cm.

Brief Requirements: As this was my graduation project for my Master's degree, the brief was very open. I chose to make a book and to illustrate a tale for adults, a Judeo-Moroccan version of Cinderella.

Key Brief Ideas: My main ideas were to create appealing illustrations to a little-known version of Cinderella, acknowledging the cultural heritage of this tale both thematically and visually, using humor and sinisterness as is also reflected in the written text.

College: Berlin's University of the Arts (Universität der Künste Berlin)