Owen Davey
Smart About Sharks

Image Type: multiple

Usage: All the illustrations for a 40 page non-fiction book about Sharks

Process: Pencil and paper sketches, then worked over digitally using Photoshop and scanned in homemade textures

Materials: Digital, Pencil, Ink

Formats: Sketches, digital files

Brief Requirements: I wrote and illustrated this book, checking in with Flying Eye Books for some design choices, some fact-checking, and some editing to the text.

Key Brief Ideas: I tried to find a balance between stylised illustration and realism. Something which would be fun and exciting, but also informative and could be used as an easy reference for the text.  The book aims to spark a love for  these often harshly-judged super-powered predators of the deep and to challenge some misnomers surrounding Sharks. Many conservationists suggest that education is one of the most important steps in conservation, so I’m hoping this book can help with that a little, and encourage children (and adults alike) to research Sharks further. I purposefully included a few simple ideas in which people can also help keep these creatures alive and healthy.

Commissioned For: Flying Eye Books

Commissioner Company: Nobrow Flying Eye Books

Agent: Folio Illustration Agency

Agent Website: folioart.co.uk