Lele Saa
Hooray! It's a totem parade!

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Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Abi Hickin who was working at that time at Horizon, a centre for adults with learning disabilities in Cambridge, approached different local artists to uplift the outside of their facilities. There was no budget but we were granted with creative freedom and provided with materials. Also each artist chose their own 'canvas'. It was an excellent opportunity to experiment and help the community.

How was the illustration used:
A mural to embellish the wear and tear of Horizon within a limited budget. I tried to create a bold image using the space of the wall in a exciting way. The whole mural can be only seen fully from a specific point of view; marked by a spot on the floor. The main totem figure depicts a Phoenix Bird that is reborn from its ashes and gives a positive message to the viewers.

How did you make this work:
I planned the design on the iPad and I used masking tape and black and white masonry paint and neon pink acrylic. The composition grew organically considering the limitations of the bricks and wall elements. There was time limited access to the site, only evenings and weekends so it took me a total of 12 painting sessions spread in 2 months (from August to October).

Commissioner Name :
Abi Hickin
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Lele Saa is an Illustrator and Visual Designer based in Cambridge, UK. Originally from Vigo, Spain, she holds a BA in Advertising and Public Relations and an MA in Children's Book Illustration. She balances her job as part-time Creative Director in a UX design studio with her illustration practice. Currently she is interested in moving image and experimenting with sound and frame by frame animation.