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Why did you make this work:
I wanted to create a personal project on endangered animals of Kazakhstan. While doing research I came across a fascinating project supported by WWF and Kazakhstan government "Reintroducing Balkhash tigers in Kazakhstan”. This tiger was declared extinct in 1940s. My illustration is a tribute to this beautiful creature and many other endangered animals (e.g.snow leopard, Przhevalsky horse.)

How was the illustration used:
The illustration is intended as a wall decoration and a reminder to humans - it is way better to have an animal’s creative image on the wall rather than it’s real skin or stuffed body! We should love and value what surrounds us, be inspired by the beauty and freedom of wild animals, and avoid repeating tragic mistakes that annihilated Balkash tigers among others.

How did you make this work:
The original illustration is created digitally. The blankets are woven from 100% cotton and produced in USA. I'm in the process of searching for alternative sustainable production , e.g. local manufactures, recycled materials. I would love to collaborate with WWF and play my creative part in helping to restore the tigers in Kazakhstan and preserve the lives of endangered animals.

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Aigerim Arginbayeva (aka Lesidris) is an illustrator from Kazakhstan originally, based in London. She studied graphic design in Central Saint Martins. Aigerim is inspired by traditions and culture of her country that found the reflection in many of her works. Now Aigerim is focusing on illustrating children’s books and prints, but nevertheless, the main theme of Aigerim’s art is unveiling in an amusing, quirky way the inner world of a human in everyday life.