Kaliz Lee
Beach Debris Collection

Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
I was helping with the cleanup of marine debris on a local beach in Hong Kong, in the aftermath of the strongest typhoon on record to sweep through the city in 2018. The situation was so devastating that I decided to collect some of the trash and make a poster to show people what I found.

How was the illustration used:

How did you make this work:
Remixing drawings with carefully-photographed beach trash to create a playful spin on the usually somber aftermath of a natural disaster. This poster reflects what I saw that day on the beach — even though the beach is full of rubbish and bad odors, there were plenty of people sunbathing and carrying on with all sorts of beach activities as usual, which makes the scene even more absurd.

Commissioner Company :
Ping Pong Magazine

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Kaliz Lee is an illustrator born and raised in Hong Kong, with works appearing in various publications and exhibitions. Her illustrations make use of bold, memorable visuals that communicate the concept in often humorous, whimsical ways. She has collaborated with commercial clients such as ZARA, Harvey Nichols, New Balance, Cathay Dragon Airline, among many others. Her work has received multiple awards from the 3×3 International Illustration Show and The Society for News Design (SND).