Julian Damy

Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
When my kids were old enough to start learning their letters, I tried to find engaging apps that would teach them their ABCs. All the apps I found were very similar and often with poor quality graphics. So I decided to create an app myself. The app had to have a distinctive look and feel, friendly, colorful, and fun to play with beyond just learning the alphabet.

How was the illustration used:
All illustrations will be used on the upcoming AlphaPod app.

How did you make this work:
My kids came up with a list of 26 animals, and I created an illustration for each with a fun, colorful, steampunk style. My goal was to create something engaging for kids but also an interesting illustration and app development project for me. Each letter has playful mechanical pods and a coloring and animation component, as well as music and mechanical sound effects.

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I have a bachelor in graphic design from La Salle University in Mexico City, and I am a self-taught illustrator and digital painter. I am currently a creative director at an app development firm in New York, but have never stopped working on personal illustration projects – I’ve worked on a children’s book app that I illustrated and wrote a few years ago, I 'm doing a series of digital painting that had a few pieces presented in a group exhibit in Seattle in 2019, and I I’m also working on the development of the AlplhaPod app.