Vanessa Hibbert
A Celebration of Brief Lives


Image Type: multiple

Usage: From a collection of paintings recording natural history specimens from a specific site in Wiltshire.

Process: Painted in watercolour from frozen specimens.

Materials: Saunders Waterford 140lbs hot-pressed, white watercolour paper. Schminke watercolour paints. F pencil.

Formats: Large A2 or A3 sheets with specimen placed towards the edge.

Brief Requirements: Part of final year Pre-Major project identifying strengths and interests for future practice.

Key Brief Ideas: In wanting to emphasise the character and beauty of these creatures, I depicted them in great detail with heavy cast shadows on a large plain background. The project recorded wild life within an unspoilt domain in Wiltshire and included pygmy shrews and harvest mice among other small creatures. After completion, the collection of over one hundred specimens was donated to the Natural History Museum. 

College: Arts University Bournemouth