Chen-Ying Lu
A Day of Mine, A Day of Yours

Image Type: Single Image

Usage: Cover illustration of a children's magazine. 

Process: I scanned the pencil drawings into digital file, coloured and overlapped textures in Photoshop.

Materials: Block ink, Digital.

Formats: Digital files.

Brief Requirements: The editor asked me to show the various activities happened around the world within a day scale. Specific items were needed in correspondent to the contents in this issue, such as truck driver in night shift, india hand-made bags, formosan black bear, artist, the Arctic, window cleaners, ranch…etc.

Key Brief Ideas: I use coloured blocks as an indication of the changing of time. (daytime in front cover–evening around the book spine –and night time in the back cover.) And I created those little characters in the 'cover world', each of them have their own story going on whilst interacting with each other casually.

Commissioned For: Artcokids, Issue No. 149. 2017.01

Commissioner Company: Art & Collections Group