Deborah van der Schaaf
4 Seasons


Image Type: multiple

Usage: Used as the opening cover of Dutch newspaper Parool's supplement Ps. Upon each first day of a new season.

Process: Made with real materials, shot in a studio with my partner, photographer Aad Hoogendoorn (+ postproduction.)

Materials: Real materials as seen in the images. (flowers/broomstick/melon/leaves and a fake 'oliebol' – which is a Dutch wintery pastry – made of salt dough/paint/varnish in a diy snow globe kit.)

Formats: 26.6 x 35cm

Brief Requirements: Create a series of 4 images, one per season. Bold yet simple. Immediately recognisable, but not cliché.

Key Brief Ideas: Using materials/objects or typical seasonal behaviour (spring cleaning), combine them as if they really exist.

Commissioner Company: het Parool