Inma Hortas
Adidas Running Ultraboost 22 Shoes (female fit).

Find Your Runner’s High


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Advertisement (online)

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This campaign shows the new Adidas Ultraboost 22 shoes, designed by and for women. There is a huge reference to the runner’s high to celebrate this endorphin boost and the incredible impact that running has on mental health whilst keeping the UB22 itself central to the illustration. Assets for animation, some letterings and illustrated frames were created to complete the whole campaign.

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We Are Social
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We Are Social
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I’m Inma Hortas and INLOHO is my illustration brand, based in Spain (Madrid/Galicia) but remotely for all over the world. I focus on editorial and advertising illustration. I’m also a gif maker. Some clients: Adidas, Universal Music, Clarks Originals, The Girlfriend from AARP, Los Angeles Times, Brigitte Magazine, Beer52, Cosmopolitan, HuffPost, Playbook, R29, Shopify...