Juliana Ocampo
Longing for the Wild

Illustrations for picture book


Un-commissioned | New Talent

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College or university project

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The book features stories based on female shared experiences through the journey of two young girls who confront the frustrations that take place daily in women's inner lives. The aim is to inspire the reader to strengthen their sense of community, better understand each other and themselves. The images are made by collaging found objects with traditional techniques like drawing and printmaking.

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University of the Arts of London

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United Kingdom (UK)

Juliana Ocampo is a Colombian illustrator with a background in fine arts. Her work has an embedded interest in visual narrative where the stories and the feelings they evoke take center stage in the images. At the forefront of her image-making process is drawing and working with mixed media, seeking explorations of rich tones and textures by exploring the natural world and employing found objects.