From handmade zines, to hand-cut popup books and interactive picture books and mixed media animations, illustration has been explored in a tactile way in these Shortlisted projects.

Elena Selena
Matin Rose

This book is a pop-up project created as a 3D paper theatre. It pictures the story of nature waking up in the spring as a metaphor of the birth and growth of a child.

The haiku-inspired text immerses the reader in a magical journey within the enchanted garden. The book invites the reader to contemplate the intricate paper-cut details of lively plants, insects and animals hiding out in the garden.

Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration and Studio AKA
Illustration: more than a nice drawing

The education work at the Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration highlights the way that illustration has impacted lives for thousands of years and that illustration is for everyone.

They commissioned this film to help demonstrate this message to people of all ages, especially people unfamiliar with the subject.

It’s a mixed media animation, composed around simple cut-out paper shapes that create backgrounds for tiny characters to interact with.

Carlo Giovani
Jeremiah the Dragon

All illustrations for this illustrated picture book were made out of three-dimensional paper sculptures and photography.

Carlo wanted to give the book a real and dimensional feel, something dramatic that puts the children inside of the story.

Owen Gildersleeve
Open Up

This project is a series of illustrations commissioned by Meta Open Arts to commemorate World Mental Health Month. These artworks were handcrafted in the studio out of layers of coloured paper, inspired by traditional print techniques.

The delicate and meticulously constructed paper illustrations take a gentle, empathetic perspective toward the often invisible struggles that affect our mental health.

Fangfang Han
Data friend

This project is a paper-cut stop-motion animation about data humanism. It’s storytelling through interpreting and visualizing data into something that can be seen and felt.

While learning the importance of communication between data and people, individuals get to know the purpose of data collection and know themselves better.

Teuntje Fleur

Hugo and Kris were always together. They built towers. But on one day they could no longer be together anymore. Separated they do everything they can to keep seeing each other. To achieve that, they both have to build their highest tower ever.

I SEE YOU is a fold-out accordion risoprinted zine. Each towers has a small window to look through. If you fold-out the zine they can see each other.

Rhiannon Archard
Nana Found a Regit

This Illustration, created with traditional media, inspired a story that celebrates intergenerational relationships and the wild, unusual perspective of a topsy-turvy tiger (Regit) found in an antique shop.

The story aims to highlight the benefits that differences in age, beliefs, culture and experiences can bring. Rhiannon explored a ‘lift the flap’ format to the book adding an element of surprise and curiosity.

Julia Woolf
The Chase

The idea for this illustration series came from a project that Julia has been developing for a children’s book. She thought it would be fun to experiment and to expand my process with stop motion animation.

All the elements of the illustration are materials taken from her recycling bin or the garden. Julia then went onto paint and add texture to these. She used the Stop Motion app on her iPhone and loved simplicity of the process and the technology.

Denisse Beltran

Using paper cuts and coloured pencils delimitated by the icon of a house to find its placement in a playful way, this experimental series represents the different meanings found in the concept of home, depending on space, dimension and perspectives of each individual.

Each image was compiled into a GIF making it possible to associate differences and similarities between them.