Julia Woolf
The Chase

Children in the Woods


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The idea is from a project I have been developing for a children's books. I thought it would be fun to experiment and to expand my process with stop motion animation. All elements are materials from the recycling or the garden. I have then gone on to paint and texture them. I have used the app Stop Motion on my iPhone. I love the simplicity of the process and the technology.

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United Kingdom (UK)

I'm an author/illustrator, with an animation background, including 12 years in LA working for Dreamworks. Returning to the UK I enrolled in the MA in Children's Book Illustration Cambridge School of Art, which encouraged experimentation. Since graduating in 2015 I have had 10 books published, 4 of which I have also authored. Publishers include Macmillan, Faber and Faber, and Andersen Press.