Prang Vipaluk
centralwOrld Blooming Summer 2022

The Blooming House

Site Specific

Commissioned | Professional

How were your illustrations used? :
Brand campaign (online), Brand campaign (print), Exhibition or installation, Mural, Surface design

How did you make this work:
The concept was to reimagine centralwOrld shopping complex as a massive greenhouse where visitors can enter and experience the oversized, vibrant garden, formed by graphic shapes and elements, to heal and refresh themselves. The main attraction is "The Hanging Garden" in Central Court, where visitors can enjoy the garden from any perspective. The assets have been installed throughout the mall.

Commissioner Name :
Commissioner Company :
Central Pattana Public Company Limited

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Prang Vipaluk is a Bangkok-based visual communication designer who primarily works in graphic design and illustration. Her interests extend beyond two-dimensional printed materials, spanning multiple mediums in both commercial and self-initiated personal projects. Prang’s previous clients include A day Magazine, CentralwOrld, and Transit Magazine.