Varoom 13

Going Places


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Varoom 13

Autumn 2010

Going Places issue: Varoom 13 is well on its way to a higher place. Quirky postcards, the suburban imagination, illustrator’s intimate spaces and Maurice Sendak’s windows can all be found hiding in this issue.


Postcards from… provides a platform to an otherwise dying art form. Give six authors and six illustrators free reign to design and write their own postcards and the end results are rather interesting.

Illustrating Ethos uncovers the illustrators behind the bold and bright images commissioned for Aol’s rebranding campaign. Ty Mattson talks us through his retro poster designs for TV drama LOST in Homage and public anger in the US over the gulf oil spill is diffused through artwork in Anatomy of a Disaster. Being There brings us closer to Jorge Colombo’s world, presenting his intimate digital illustrations of cityscapes, all drawn on the tiny screen of his iPhone.

Illustrators leave their home country for work, for study, for love. Catalina Estrada and Yuko Shimizu reveal the creative inspirations they bring from their home countries, and what they leave behind in Home and Away. Prepare to be welcomed into the homely and personal environments of illustrators such as Jack Teagle and Kavel Rafferty in My Space. W. John Hewitt reveals the true extent to which Hogarth’s images of a killer shaped the relationship between reportage, illustration, art and money in The Arms of Sarah Malcolm and Derek Bainton goes on a journey of discovery via strangers’ windows in Inside Out.

Five ways to change the World presents illustrators and designers who are bursting forth from the page into the realm of 3D and wall art.