Varoom 15

The Knowledge Issue



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Varoom 15

In The Knowledge Issue: ‘The frame’ isn’t just the line an illustrator draws to define the edge of the picture. Two exhibitions on Norman Rockwell and John Stezaker reveal what happens when ‘the frame’ becomes part of the picture.

In “Where’s The Wookie?” John Lowe gives us five lessons he learnt from the comics festival in Angoulême – a convention that has transformed a small town into an illustration capital.

Digital culture is fast changing how illustration is curated, analysed, and distributed. The Outsiders features three pioneers on illustration’s new body of knowledge – Grain Edit, John Ptak and Unit Editions. Varoom also re-valuates the significance of illustrator Sheila Robinson, who created beautiful work through the 50’s and 60’s.

This issue’s Up Front section includes Penguin’s new Pentagram designed edition of Vladimir Nabokov novels – with illustrated covers that celebrate the author’s unique combination of the classical and the subversive. Artist Russell Crotty syncs surfing with drawing, regular columnists Marian Bantjes and Paul Davis spread their knowledge, and in I Wish I’d Done This Peter Grundy praises Paul Rand’s IBM logo.