Varoom 05

November 2007



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Varoom 5 


In the fifth edition of Varoom Editor Adrian Shaughnessy, award-winning art director, writer and design consultant, discovers The Importance of Mistakes in an interview with one of the founding fathers of radical contemporary illustration, Terry Dowling. In a revealing and far-ranging interview Dowling describes his early failed attempts to get commercial work, and his subsequent rejection of commercial practice in favour of teaching and a life of personal enquiry.

Varoom 5 also explores Illustration for Children through four exponents in this issue’s ‘Mapping the Terrain’ and Mark Webster challenges Mario Hugo’s self-described ‘tempestuous affair with illustration’, revealing him to be a thoughtful artist, eschewing the hard digital lines of much contemporary expression, in favour of a softer and more humanistic approach.

Each issue features a visual essay and past publications have seen Paul Davis provide an oblique commentary on the life of the professional illustrator and hip Norwegian collective Grandpeople produce a vivid critique of current market practises. Varoom 05 has invited freelance graphic designer and illustrator Neil McFarlane to comment on the modern obsession with spin and hype in ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Propaganda’.

In ‘An Unwritten Diary’ Richard Beards recalls an English illustrator’s perspective of New York. Despite having a New York agent for 15 years, British illustrator Beards failed to conquer the great metropolis. He decided to move there and for six months he observed the NYC scene with a mixture of cool detachment and cinematic-like wonder. This diary chronicles his self-imposed exile in the ‘greatest city on earth’.