WIA2021: Professional Advertising Category Longlist Highlights

Discover some fantastic Professional entry highlights on the WIA2021 Advertising Longlist in this curated list. Featuring traditional campaigns such as billboards and posters, to cutting edge digital and social media ads, there’s an incredible range of illustration being commissioned to sell products and services across the world.

The World Illustration Awards 2021 Longlist features 500 projects by New Talent and Professional illustrators from all over the world across ten categories. This year, the awards celebrate great illustration! Read on to see our Professional Advertising Category Highlights – and if you’d like to learn more, click through to see the full project and contact information!

This series of work was created for an online and social campaign for Além, a Brazilian brand that celebrates travel culture. The system of images was created from geometric structures, to facilitate the quick production of the illustrations and meet the demand for content and to easily animate.

Fabrizio Lenci is an illustrator and architect based in São Paulo, with clients including Airbnb, Lollapalooza, Netflix, Microsoft, Spotify, Sonos, Unicef and others.

This animated illustration is from a series commissioned by Pocko as part of a campaign called #peaceofmind‚ showing all the positive aspects of being stuck inside, especially as the UK started went into lockdown. The campaign aimed to spread positive messages and advice in the age of COVID-19.

Andrea Chronopoulos is a Greek/Italian illustrator based in Rome. He graduated in 2011 in illustration and 2D animation from the European Institute of Design. His clients include Apple, The New York Times, Bloomberg, GQ, Pentagram, Plansponsor and more.

Maisie’s series of illustrations & GIFS for Grow Meat Free campaign Lentils will Save the World for Veganuary were created using pencil, gouache and paper cuts. The illustrations accompanied a series of recipes, cook-a-longs and nutrition facts in a playful engaging format. They highlight the little steps we can all take to be a little kinder to our planet and ourselves.

Maisie Summer is based in Manchester, UK. She works closely with clients on projects that often have storytelling and community at their centre.

This work is from a series of illustrations commissioned by KesselsKramer  used for digital and print communications and wayfinding for Capital C, a new centre for Amsterdam´s creative professionals in a former diamond exchange.

AHAOK (= aha,okay) draws with a poetic and humorous approach, ranging from analogue to digital. Clients include Bloomberg Business Week, Kesselskramer and Rimowa amongst others.

This series was drawn for a social media campaign of the Italian sartorial brand Lanificio Zignone about social-distancing, to raise awareness among their followers.

Federica Del Proposto is an award winning illustrator, cartoonist, visual artist, since 2014. She began publishing short comics, then after having graduated in Architecture she moved to Paris starting drawing illustrations for the European and American press.

This illustration was commissioned by AEPGA (Association for the Study and Protection of Donkeys) to encourage the use of natural fibres in agriculture instead of plastic. It was aimed mainly at small farmers, promoting more sustainable and traditional methods.

Rui Ricardo is an illustrator born and living in Porto, represented by Folio Art in London.

This illustration was created for Détours de France, a collection launched by Kiblind Magazine showcasing 16 French destinations, illustrated by 16 illustrators! It was printed in riso and distributed in French bookstores and galleries. Paul illustrated the Bonifacio Cliffs.

Paul Sirand is a French Illustrator based in Paris. He graduated from ECV Paris in 2016, and now runs a design brand studio called Le Fruit.

Tania was commissioned to create a series of 10 circular illustrations for Deloitte Portugal to promote the company among highly qualified professionals, themed around collaboration.

Tania Yakunova is an award-winning illustrator from Kyiv, Ukraine. She finds her inspiration in avant-garde art and design of the 20 century. Her field of work spreads from the commercial illustration, book illustration, editorial illustration, poster design, packaging for clients all around the world.

This work was commissioned by Mailchimp as part of a challenge to create Zoom Backgrounds of an ideal creative workstation. This interpretation shows a room full of sentimental things and tools to create something new that sparks joy.

George F. Baker III was born in Omaha, Nebraska and raised in Detroit, Michigan and Atlanta, GA. He is a Conversation Creator, Muralist and Illustrator who loves to connect people with themselves and others.

Yuan Li’s movie poster was created to advertise the documentary “The Lost Spring”. The documentary shows how, although people have suffered through the pandemic, they can still finally see hope.

Yuan Li is an illustrator from Shanghai, China. She graduated from Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University.

If you enjoyed reading this curated list, why not explore the full WIA2021 Longlist for more inspiration!

11th June 2021

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