Maisy Summer
Lentils will save the world


Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Series of illustrations & GIFS for Grow Meat Free campaign Lentils will Save the World for Veganuary. The illustrations went alongside their lentil recipes, cook-a-longs and nutrition facts in a playful engaging format. Aiming to highlight the little steps we can all do to be a little kinder to our planet & ourselves.

How was the illustration used:
The illustrations were used across Grow Meat Free’s social media alongside live cook-a-longs to raise awareness of Veganuary and the power of the Lentil! The recipe illustrations were composed into a long continuous image and formatted into 3 sections to create a seamless Instagram post, meaning viewers could playfully swipe along through the recipe illustration.

How did you make this work:
I have a playful approach to my visual language, working with a range of traditional to digital media. Often using a combination of gouache, pencils & crayons, building up texture & interest. Sometimes I incorporate paper cuts where I draw with scissors letting characters & objects evolve from this handcrafted process. I enjoy this process of layering & collaging together my illustrations.

Commissioner Name :
Haleh Moravej
Commissioner Company :
MetMUnch and Grow Meat Free / Manchester Metropolitan University
Commissioned for:
Grow Meat Free

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Maisy is an award-winning Illustrator & Animator based in Manchester, UK. She works closely with clients on projects that often have storytelling & community at their centre. Alongside her practice, Maisy is a Teaching Assistant at Manchester School of Art and runs Small Fry a creative network putting on events, talks, workshops & host to the AOI Manchester meet-up group.