Federica Del Proposto
Social-Distancing Gentlemen


Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
The "Social-Distancing Gentlemen" series was drawn for a social media campaign of the Italian sartorial brand Lanificio Zignone about social-distancing, to raise awareness among their followers. The campaign show different times of the day of some gentleman facing social-distancing restrictions: Gentlemen Dating, Gentlemen at Work, Gentlemen Leisure

How was the illustration used:
Advertising Campaign for Social media: Instagram/Facebook/Twitter

How did you make this work:
I was asked to draw 9 illustrations using two colors, black plus another one of my choice, for three main situations: romantic date (red), gentlemen at work (sky-blue) and leisure (green)

Commissioner Name :
Studio Bellissimo Agency - Torino
Commissioner Company :
Studio Bellissimo Agency - Torino
Commissioned for:
Lanificio Zignone

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Federica Del Proposto is an award winning illustrator, cartoonist, visual artist, since 2014. She began publishing short comics, then after having graduated in Architecture she moved to Paris starting drawing illustrations for the European and American press. Her work ranges from editorial and publishing to advertising. Her distinctive style combines minimal clear outlines and storytelling.