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Why did you make this work:
KesselsKramer commissioned me to create all illustrations for the identity of Capital C - a new center for Amsterdam´s creative professionals in the former diamond exchange. Drawings with a wink, that understand creatives and their work process, make them smile, while they can relate.

How was the illustration used:
Website, print communication, social media, ad´s, animated gif´s . the illustrations also appear everywhere in the building/wayfinding with witty headings by KesselsKramer.

How did you make this work:
All drawn analog with a brush, black ink and a verve, not too neat.

Commissioner Name :
Erik Kessels
Commissioner Company :
KesselsKramer, Amsterdam
Commissioned for:
Capital C, Amsterdam

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Currently Based:

AHAOK (= aha,okay) draws with a poetic and humorous approach, ranging from analog to digital and likes when the visual subconsciousness is triggered and challenged. Clients include brandeins, NZZ, Bloomberg Business Week, Kesselskramer and Rimowa amongst others.