Watch these videos, created by the illustrators especially for this Showcase, for an insight into the processes, thinking (and sometimes mistakes) that make a great illustration.

(Beware, some of these are very fast and have a flashing light effect, so please approach with caution!)

Kyeong Mi Lee : Guitar DIY

See the development of this Alternative Publishing shortlisted entry.

View the complete entry >

Evie Zhu: The River

See how Evie brought her intensely layered illustrations to life.

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Olivia Duchess: My dream

Watch how Olivia created her hyperreal illustration using Procreate.

View the complete project >

Liam Eisenberg: Wimbledon

See the evolution from sketch to final digital painting.

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Natsumi Chikayasu: Finding Yourself

See how Natsumi uses Procreate to create a beautifully layered image.

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Mal F: Calm Before The Storm

Three timelapses from Mal F showing how she creates her otherworldly fashion illustrations from photographs using Procreate.

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Alé Mercado: West Cork Podcast – Live Event

See how digital and monoprint techniques are brought together to create these poetic landscapes.

View the complete project >

Xavier Segers: A Vixen’s Tale

Just a small section of Xavier’s extraordinary interactive installation.

View the complete project >

Joi Wen: The City

The development of the various characters and buildings is illuminated clearly through this timelapse.

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Can Long: Sunset

Timelapse of the artist’s creative process.

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