Yuan Tian
Andiamo! Thalia

Children's Publishing

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
The plotline of this book is architecture,travel and self-identification,I want to use image and color to balance these three themes,try to visualize the moment of exploration, warmth, and feeling confident.

How was the illustration used:
A children's book to present different architecture all over the world. The picture book tells the story of Thalia, a little girl looking for her tribe. In her jouney, she is moved by the beauty of some famous buildings and archtectures in the world.

How did you make this work:

Commissioner Name :
Shanghai Aerogia
Commissioner Company :
Shanghai Aerogia is a children's book publisher in Shanghai China. In May 2011 Aerogia launched the first range of products. Aerogia’s vision is to help children develop independent learning skills. By designing creative and interactive reading products, Aerogia aims at breaking the problematic status of children reading and parents choosing appropriate books. The books are adapted to the different age categories and allow children to explore the content and gain valuable knowledge interactively.

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School of Visual Art
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Currently Based:
Shanghai, China

Yuan Tian is originally from Suzhou, China. She got her Bachelor degree of Illustration in School of Visual Art, New York. She is a book lover and she always likes to create her work using the techniques such as risograph,silkscreen printing and etc.