Tramy Lui
UNIQLO UTme Collaboration

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Why did you make this work:
The largest UNIQLO store in Macau is officially launched. The popular brand UTme is introduced for the first time in Hong Kong and Macau! Personalized customized service allows customers to use their creativity to design their own T-shirts and tote bags. The new store has collaborated with Macau illustrator Tramy Lui for a joint project to create a UTme design with local elements!

How was the illustration used:
Illustrations are applied to T-shirts and tote bags of different sizes of the brand. Customers can freely choose the position and size of the illustrations through the brand selection system, and then print the product, which is a personalized product design.

How did you make this work:
There are three illustrations with Macau as the theme in this collaboration. The first theme puts Macao's daily life and things in the same picture. The second picture is based on the phone code of Macao "853", adding the details to concentrate the unique emotions of Macao people in the same picture. The third theme uses the firecracker factory nostalgic posters as design elements.

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Macau, China

Tramy Lui established TICK.DESIGN and acted as the Creative Director. Received numerous awards in international design and illustration competition. Artworks were displayed in different design and illustration books. In addition, her design works were displayed in Russia, Netherlands, Portugal, Japan, China, etc. Currently working on branding, event design, packaging design and illustration, etc.