TS Wolfe
ODDITY: An Adventure in Children's Nonsense Poetry & Illustration

Children's Publishing

Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
ODDITY is a portfolio piece for my MA in Illustration. I researched the origins, purposes and applications of nonsense and comedy in illustration. The research found that nonsense could foster openness and challenge established power structures for the reader. I wanted to create something which embodied my visual language as well as serve the deeper purpose of fostering this openness.

How was the illustration used:
An illustrated nonsense poetry anthology in the form of an extended picture book.

How did you make this work:
I made multiple layers of A3 inkings on a light box and then assembled the compositions in Photoshop. This medium was unpredictable and exciting due to the high ratio of water in the wash. This combination of analogue and digital processes helped me to separate the characters from the world they were exploring.

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Falmouth University
MA Illustration
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Thomas Wolfe is based in Wales, where he lives with his family of monsters. During his time studying at Falmouth University for his MA in Illustration, he worked with the charity Crohn's & Colitis UK to create a children's book which was delivered over 2000 printed copies to families before the pandemic. He hopes to begin working as an author/illustrator in children's publishing in 2021.