Joanna Cole
The Outside

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Usage: As a book jacket for a children’s comic/graphic novel, in response to a brief.

Process: Watercolour was applied in washes for the wood and allowed to bleed to give more texture. Details were applied using more watercolour. Watercolour was used to paint the characters, with details added with colouring pencils and digitally.

Materials: Watercolour was mostly used, with colouring pencils and digital techniques used for some details

Formats: Created traditionally, assembled digitally.

Brief Requirements: I wanted to create my own story and work for a children's comic/graphic novel. The idea was: In a world without nature, when a small creature is spotted on the outside of the dome, three children take it upon themselves to investigate it and journey into the dead wood outside of the dome. 

Key Brief Ideas: I wanted to convey a world without nature.

It was important for me to get the dead wood environment right, as most of the story would take place in the dead wood.

From the beginning, I knew I wanted three main child protagonists.

On the outside of the dome, I knew there had to be some last surviving plant, in this case a giant oak tree.

For the book cover, I wanted to hint at the survival of this last oak tree by having oak leaves going up the spine.

The creature came about from research into Dryads from Greek mythology. They live in oak trees, and if the oak tree dies, so does the dryad that is linked to it.

College: Plymouth University