Cody Lee Muir
The Flight


Image Type: Single Image

Usage: The illustration was used as part of a series of wall-mounted metallic prints in my Senior Exhibition.

Process: The illustration began with research, sketching, and photography in an industrial location in my college town. I then digitally illustrated The Flight in Photoshop with my Wacom Bamboo tablet. It was then printed through dye-sublimation onto an 8"x12" sheet of aluminum and wall mounted.

Materials: Photoshop (digital), Aluminum print.

Formats: It was made as a digital illustration and printed through dye-sublimation onto an aluminum sheet.

Brief Requirements: I was instructed to conduct a year of research on a topic and create a robust gallery experience for my Senior Studio at my university.

Key Brief Ideas: I chose to research ways in which I could explore space and setting as the arbiter of storytelling. I also focused on themes of tonal contrast which led to exploring crime, subterfuge, and depression in a relatively safe small town: Moscow, Idaho. Small towns tend to be hit harder by events of violence and crime, because said events happen less often. This led to exploring ways in which I could depict a story of macabre themes through illustration, with settings inspired by actual locations in Moscow, Idaho. The resulting illustration features a figure leaping from a large grain silo, bathed in lovely colors and heavenly light. This contrast of theme, composition, and color choice further emphasized the surprising nature of how darkness sticks with people in brighter places.

College: University of Idaho