Maria Karipidou
The Fiddle

Image Type: Single Image

Usage: Children's Books Magazine, Poem (Limerick like)

Process: Starting always to work on the figuration of a character, considering format and playing with environment and colors

Materials: Digital, photoshop with own brushes

Formats: 210 x 240 mm

Brief Requirements: There was no briefing, I was absolutely free in finding an interpretation for the content as I imagined it.

Key Brief Ideas: I took my very own memories of a playful and colorful childhood and combined it with the virtuosity of holding a fiddle, fitting to the Limerick's Title (The Fiddle) – all in one image, kept in one moment

College: University of Applied Siences (HFG) Pforzheim, Germany and Trier University of Applied Siences, Germany

Commissioned For: Companies own Children's magazine GECKO (the only Magazine they publish since 10 years now.

Commissioner Company: Edition Loris – Rathje, Elbel, Wiedemann GbR