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Winter Spiced illustration | Packaging Design for Mesjokke Chocolate by subsoda

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Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Subsoda created the identity of Mesjokke. ‘Mesjokke’ (Dutch) means ‘crazy’. The illustrations are based on ultimate heavenly feelings, because that fits the feeling of eating chocolate. And a bit crazy of course, in a poetic matter.We taste the chocolate prior to designing the package; try to grab the right feeling. For the Winter Spiced we like to show the delicacy, cosiness and warmth inside.

How was the illustration used:
The illustrated work is used on the packaging for the Mesjokke chocolate bars. There is a 40 grams bar (and package) and a 80 grams bar (and package).

How did you make this work:
Pull on those fuzzy warm socks and enjoy the cold outside. Or the coziness inside. On the couch, in bed, in front of a roaring fire. With someone special or for a special moment on your own. We tried to capture the best parts of winter in this packaging design.The materials: mostly watercolor and help of Photoshop + Illustrator. We like the handmade feeling, fits to the feeling of the package.

Commissioner Name :
Luc Janssens and Per Vonk
Commissioner Company :
The Chocolate Explorers / Mesjokke

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Utrecht, The Netherlands

subsoda is a graphic and illustration design company. Subsoda is also: Jessy Rietdijk (NL) & Hanne Ghijsen (USA). To us, a design is effective when it touches you, when it makes the world a little bit better, more sustainable, more social... and when it makes people happy. Exploring and erasing boundaries is part of subsoda’s DNA. That is why we color both inside and outside the lines.